Cosplay: Interview to Jna.

Hello there!
For this weekend we bring you our most recent interview.
This time we're coming with JNA, a cosplayer from Malasya that has become really famous around the internet thanks to his Sisters of Battle cosplays.

All the Warhammer 40.000 fans had become automatically fans of her, but far away from those epic pictures - what else do we know about her?
Jna has been very kind answering all our questions, let's go with the interview!

Battle Sister - Shot by Razrig
Hello Jna. alot of people has seen your Sister of Battle pictures around the internet you but I'll like to start introducing you to Spain. Can you tell us who you’re and what do you do?
Hi! You may call me Jna. Its my nickname long time ago and decided to have it as how everyone would address me. I'm an cosplayer from Asia, born and live in this city called Kota Kinabalu, situated in the East of Malaysia, Sabah. Besides cosplay and crafting as passionate hobbies, I love playing games (video and board/tabletop), fitness, mix martial arts (Muay Thai and Kickboxing), and boost positive image about the geek cultures all over the world. I work as an administrator by day and coach fitness classes by night. Also, I do provide sculpting and minor prop making services as freelance. 
How did you come to the idea of cosplaying? Was there any motivation to begin with it? Since when where you into cosplay?
I have always been wondering I could dressed up as the character I liked, it would be so cool. I never thought such hobby exist until I came across them online in 2005 and significantly grew curiosity when I saw cosplayers during an online game exhibition that I went. The effort that cosplayers had put into making characters coming alive just excites me.
Saint Celestine - Shot by Fei Zi
We love your customes and we’re sure there’s a lot of work in them - did you made them enterely or did you buy them? You’ve someone that helps you making them? Wich materials are your favourite to work with and wich ones are the most difficult to work?
Let's just say I'm blessed with awesome friends who are talented and passionate in costume crafting and prop making. Especially for my Warhammer40,000 costumes, I had a wonderful team to put the master piece together scratch. But the person who contributed most if my master crafter, Nex Concept Works, who covered almost all the difficult parts of building the costume. My favorite material to work with is all sorts of clay and detailing works. I enjoy sculpting and weathering. The most difficult part is actually to figure out the functionality and construction of the costume, so our team will sit down and discuss, going through brain storm, selection, execution and review and then try to fix the problems we found through trial and error. Whereas other costumes I had include bought, commissioning, team work and/or self-made entirely. 
I’m fascinated with the Sister of Battle / Celestine cosplay, but what is until now your favorite cosplay? Wich ones has more work behind it? Wich ones do you think are the most loved by the fans?
My favourite cosplay Saint Celestine. Has most work - Saint Celestine. Most loved by the fans..... Saint Celestine. Hahaha.
Check out the following video, and you'll know why. 

Did you play Warhammer 40.000? Wich army? Tell us a little bit about how did you know the hobby.
I've played Dawn of War II (Eldar), Dawn of War II: Retribution (Imperial Guards), Dawn of War: Soulstorm (SoB), Space Marine, Warhammer Fantasy Table-top (a friend borrowed his Chaos army) and Space Hulk(boardgame). I knew about it because of a friend of mine who was a big fan of W40K and he always wanted to see someone cosplay as a Battle Sister with his own eyes. I started "google"-ing and the rest is history.
You’re also into videogames, right? Wich ones are your favourites?
My current favorite is Tomb Raider Reborn 2013. Genre would be First Person Shooter (FPS).
Sister Repentia - shot by Mien Photography
Did you visit events and fairs in other countries? Any chance that you will come to Spain again and visit us in the Manga Fair in Barcelona so we can meet you.
I haven't but I'd love to. I've already plan to go Singapore (not far from my country, but its a good start) somewhere this year. I'd love to! It will make it a lot more easier if the trip is sponsored.
Let's talk about your future. Are you interested on making any cosplay in special? Have you any project in mind?
Yes, its (no I can't tell you)! I have a principle of completing a cosplay before announcing publicly.
Something you wanna say to your fans?
Continue to inspire to be inspired.
Finally, JNA has sent to us an amazing picture dedicated to us all. Enjoy and HTNAKS FOR READING!